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Established 2001


St Pierre Marriott Hotel and Country Club. St Pierre Park, Chepstow. NP16 6YA

Telephone 01291-625261 St Pierre has two fantastic championship golf courses. The Old Course has been host to international tournaments, including the Solhiem Cup and the 18th is one of the finest finishing holes you are ever likely to play. The Mathern Course is a forgiving design, but a wayward shot can be severely punished with water coming into play on several holes.

St Pierre is in Chepstow which is 135 miles from Kidsgrove and 2 hours and 19 minutes by car. (M6, M5 and over the Severn Bridge on M4 / M48 and your there - a very easy location to get to. Toll Charge over the bridge. Please make allowances for the road works on motorways which go onfor many miles at the moment.


Check-in is at 3pm after our game of golf. We check out before we play on the Tuesday morning.


Will be served between 7 and 10.30 each morning.


I have now arranged our meal time, as suggested, on Sunday and Monday Evenings at 7pm in Morgan’s Restaurant, a la carte menu. You will have a £25 dinner supplement and if you eat over this allocation you would simply pay the Hotel the difference. We shall be dining in the main restaurant with other Hotel guests so we will retire to the Boardroom after our meal to make the days presentations and conduct our other business.


We shall all meet in the Trophy Bar at 10am for our Pre-Tour Meeting. The Trophy Bar is situated opposite the Golf Pro Shop. Once again Mark Steele will be organising his normal sweepstake competition and will require £10 from you on arrival. Brian Abell will issue score cards.

We shall be using the Trophy Bar as our base and meeting place for the duration of the Tour.


Sunday 11am Mathern Course. (6 Tee times x 24 Golfers) - Team Photographs wearing Belts and Braces please at 10.45am

Monday 11.12am The Old Course. (6 Tee times x 24 Golfers)- TOUR PHOTOGRAPH 10.45am - All wearing Black Polo Shirts please.

Tuesday 10.36am The Old Course (6 tee times x 24 Golfers)


The Tour Captains to announce their expectations on the first day etc .

Meanwhile you will need the loudest brightest belt or pair of braces to match your team!!

Plus a Black Polo Shirt for Photograph to start off with.

Shorts and Socks - Make sure your shorts are tailored and NOT commando. Must wear socks if you wear shorts.


We have booked one Buggy for Brian Copestick and Steve Rushton for each day. (In the name of Brian Copestick / Potteries Golf Society). The cost is £35. If anyone else wants a buggy please ring the Pro Shop. Buggies may be freely available on the days we play - but no guarantee unless booked previously.


BELTS PIGS Team (11 players) Captain Daz Matthews,  Vice-Captain Richard Meadowcroft,

Andy Clemson, Brian Abell, Brian Copestick, John Smith, Kevin Abell, Kevin Sromek, Peter Meadowcroft, Richie Abell, Vince Meadowcroft. (Andrew Abell shall be a honorary member of the Belts Team)

BRACES PIGS Team(11 players)  Captain Karl Furniss Vice Captain Mark Steele,

Joe Matthews, Elwyn Foster, Kevin Sherwin, Les Smith, Steve Rushton, Peter Simms, Phil Smith, Russ Howard, Steve Ruddell. (Phil Stonier will be a honorary member of the Braces Team) .

Just to make it clear, Andrew Abell and Phil Stonier will, hopefully, only participate in the Individual Stableford Competitions on each day. They need the flexibility to end their round at any time without the anxiety of spoiling the Team approach.


ALL SINGLE ROOMS – Karl Furniss & Mark Steele, Vince Meadowcroft & Peter Meadowcroft,  Phil Stonier & Phil Smith, Kevin Sromek & Steve Rushton, Russ Howard & John Smith, Les Smith & Peter Simms, Kevin Sherwin & Elwyn Foster, Andy Clemson & Steve Ruddell, Joe Matthews & Brian Copestick,  Andrew Abell & Brian Abell. Kevin Abell & Richie Abell, Richard Meadowcroft & Daz Matthews

TAKE YOUR ALARM CLOCKS !!!!!!!! Some of you are not to be trusted sleeping on your own!


Tour Photograph will take place on the Monday Morning. All should be wearing their BLACK Polo shirt. IMPORTANT PLEASE GENTS. It will be great to look back on these photographs in years to come.


Consultation has taken place between the Tour Captains and their proposals are as follows.

On all Three days Individual Stableford Scores will Count towards the Tour Championship as in previous years.

All Competitions on each day will be Stableford Points based.

DAY 1 - SUNDAY - TEAM FOCUS -  (Group 1 Announced will play Group 2 in a virtual game)

4 Ball Team(Belts)  V 4 Ball Team (Braces)

On each hole, the total Stableford score from the best 3 Cards from each team to count. Highest Combined Score wins the hole. Results to be announced at Dinner. (2 Points for a Team Win and One Point for a halved match. For One Group from each Team where there are only three team members, ALL three cards to count.  (Maximum of 6 Points available)



Tee 1 Belts

Daz Matthews, Peter Meadowcroft, Brian Copestick and Andrew Abell


Tee 2 Braces

Karl Furniss, Steve Ruddell, Kevin Sherwin and Phil Stonier


Tee 3 Belts

Richard Meadowcroft, Vince Meadowcroft, Richie Abell and Kevin Sromek


Tee 4 Braces

Mark Steele, Steve Rushton, Elwyn Foster and Russ Howard


Tee 5 Belts

Andy Clemson, Brian Abell, John Smith and Kevin Abell


Tee 6 Braces

Phil Smith, Les Smith, Peter Simms and Joe Matthews.


One pair from each team to make up a Four ball. The best combined Stableford Scores wins the hole.

One point for a win and 0.5 points for a halved hole. (Maximum of 6 Points available)

Teams to be announced by the Captains at Dinner on Sunday Evening.


Playing in 4 Balls-  2 players from each Team.

One point for a win and 0.5 points for a halved hole. (Maximum of 11 Points available)

Teams to be announced by the Captains at Dinner on Monday Evening.

A Total of 23 Points will be on offer. The First Team to 12 will be the Team Winners.

Finally, if we do not have an equal number of players, then a random card will be selected from “ALL” of that team and counted twice. The card will be selected by the Society Captain after play on each day.

As always, we shall all keep our scoring to ourselves until Results are announced at Dinner.


Andrew will be amending the Handicaps after each round at st Pierre. Current Handicaps, after our last game at Alsager are on the Handicaps page of the website. He will announce any handicap adjustments after Dinner on each day.


The Days Tour Trophies and NP and LD Trophies shall be presented after Dinner. The Tour Trophies will be kept for one year. The Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive Trophies are yours for keeps.

Sunday Winner - “Phil Stonier Cup”Holder: Kevin Sromek

Monday Winner - “Dennis Stallard Cup” Holder Mark Steele

Tuesday Winner -  “Barry Brereton Cup” Holder: Mark Steele

Tour Championship: Mark Steele

2017 Team Trophy Captain: Holder Steve Ruddell.

The following players will not be eligible to collect Tour Trophies, having not qualified by playing three Society games this year. They will still be eligible for NP and LD Trophies.

Les Smith, Phil Smith, Vince Meadowcroft, Peter Meadowcroft and  Andrew Abell.



Once again “The Meadowcrofts” will be our Fine Masters. “Snitches” shall be collected on Sunday and Monday and fines will be announced after Dinner on the Monday Evening. I am sure you will all feel free to contribute. In exceptional circumstances (any really!) Peter and Richard will accept snitches for misdemeanors that have taken place during the current Society Day season.


St Pierre 2019

Peter Meadowcroft reports - Having spoken with my Fine Master partner we have put together the expectations of the two exceptionally fair fine masters for the PIGS tour to St Pierre.

1. As you will be representing the Potteries Independent Golf Society there will be an expectation that you turn up on the first tee on the first day with clean clubs. As ex serving members of the Royal Navy it is a custom that we had regular kit inspections and so on day one only, we will have a representative checking that clubs are clean. Any club found to be dirty will incur a fine.

2. All those that have been given a PIGS scorecard holder in the past will need to show these on the first tee on the first day.

3. To the respective Team Captains there will be an expectation that you will lead by example with no swearing or club abuse anywhere during the round and no mention of any BLUE team (Come on you Potters !!!)

4. The following will incur a fine:-

a. Any swearing on the tee, also if thought excessive out on the course a Piglet may record this to a Fine Master with the relevant detail.

b. Club abuse anywhere on course

c. Use of phone on the course (except emergencies – work calls are not emergencies)

d. Phone use whilst in the club house

e. Hats not taken off in clubhouse

f. Anyone thought to be taking the tour far too serious with excessive practicing instead of drinking.

g. Anyone complaining about their handicap before during or after the round or showing dissent if handicaps are cut during the tour due to you being a bandit.

h. Last one(s) down for evening meal

i. The first person to go to bed on an evening

j. Last one(s) down for breakfast or not turning up for breakfast

k. All on tour will be expected to furnish the fine masters with relevant snitches these can be from previous PIGS society days or on the tour itself, those who don’t will incur a fine.

5. There will obviously be other misdemeanours that will incur fines so this list is only a basic overview of what you can expect.

6. All fines are to be taken with the spirit that they are given, we are all here for a laugh and to enjoy each other’s company.


Joe Matthews will be organising and collecting any unwanted gifts, prizes for our End of Tour Raffle. Please keep hold of all of your items whilst on Tour and bring them with you to the Presentation at the end of the Tour. However, please let Joe know what you will be bringing so that he can organise his draw.


You may recall that last year we discussed the possibility of buying a Portable Defibrilator. I believe that after this years Tour we shall have enough money in the kitty to make such a purchase and still have some float in the Bank to pay Course Deposits for 2019. Our Surplus money is about £450. (See accounts page under Home Page Menu) After discounts etc this year I hope to have a bumper Tour surplus. So all your fines and sweepstake money will be well spent. The idea is that the Portable Defibrilator would sit in the Buggy on all of our Society Days and be available for anyone on the Course -  Pig or not.


John Smith drew Joe Matthews

Steve Ruddle drew Daz Matthews

Richie Abell drew Brian Abell

Peter Meadowcroft drew Steve Rushton

Elwyn Foster drew Mark Steele

Les Smith drew Peter Simms

Richard Meadowcroft drew Karl Furniss

Russ Howard drew Richard Meadowcroft

Steve Rushton drew Richie Abell

Phil Smith drew Les Smith

Joe Matthews drew Andy Clemson

Peter Simms drew Kevin Sromek

Kevin Sherwin drew Kevin Abell

Brian Copestick drew Russ Howard

Daz Matthews drew John Smith

Karl Furniss drew Brian Copestick

Vince Meadowcroft drew Phil Smith

Kevin Sromek drew Vince Meadowcroft

Brian Abell drew Steve Ruddle

Mark Steele drew Kevin Sherwin

Andy Clemson drew Peter Meadowcroft

Kevin Abell drew Elwyn Foster.